Integration build

Integration Build / Test

We take care of full-scale management including an end to end process support, application management, functional configuration, technology integration, business process configuration, and testing. LogicaCloud testing solutions gives you the confidence to develop and deliver your critical applications by providing continuous feedback about the real-time health of your projects.

Integration build
Integration Build

Test Integration - SAAS

The Cloud-based application and management suite combines all the Workday products into a single system. Workday integration is basically designed to balance the high-security standards and agile updates. It is needed majorly for the business processes and to manage the proactive responses for your all kinds of Workday applications.

  • Manage all kind of new integrations as per the business requirements
  • Troubleshoot test integration issues
  • You can plug and play integrations for entire applications available in your Workday setup
  • Suggest process improvements on integration to process data