workday services

Workday Consultancy

LogicaCloud are here to help you at any stage of your Workday implementation but recognise that post implementation is a critical point in your deployment.  Immediate fixes are necessary across configuration, integrations, reporting and security.  And of course, the next Workday release is on the horizon!

LogicaCloud’s pay as we deliver business model provides time-critical, hands-on ability to review, analyse and deliver improvements that drive the system performance and integrity you expect.

workday services
Workday Consultancy

Post Implementation Managed Services

So, you’re live on Workday! Now what?
You are post implementation and looking to stabilize and optimise the system. Your needs are time-critical and essential to maintain business continuity. That’s where we can help you.
LogicaCloud’s Post Implementation Managed Services are designed to support your ongoing needs at the pace of your business. Our experienced team are ready to work with you to ensure you can maximize your ROI and keep your deployment running smoothly.

  • Support for your business processes, reporting needs and integrations, underpinned by rigorous SLAs
  • Support for your EIBs, custom reports, WD Studio and document transformations
  • Support for your existing configuration and necessary amends
  • Automation of critical business functionality
  • Support for your data migration needs, pre and post implementation
Workday Consultancy

Business Process Re-engineering
and Configuration

  • Requirements gathering and business process analysis
  • Development and documentation of functional configuration specifications
  • Business process specification gap analysis
  • Business process re-engineering (BPR)
  • Guidance on Business process configuration
Workday Consultancy
Workday Consultancy

Security Design

You could be discovering problems that appear to be driven by intersects on your security design, but could also be configuration or data dependent. It’s difficult to disentangle, particularly post go-live. At LogicaCloud we can review your current design, test for conflicts and help resolve governance issues, particularly where GDPR risks are apparent.

  • Creation of security groups and classifications
  • Security product integration
  • Security roles assessment
  • End to end security framework testing
Workday Consultancy

Integration Services

Whether leveraging a CCB or custom developing a Studio integration, LogicaCloud’s consultants are equipped to design and deliver on the most complex integrations across the Workday ecosystem.  Critically, we are also there to help your IT CoE monitor and maintain these, post implementation, so that you don’t lose the expertise and knowledge that helped created them.

  • Partnering with IT to create bespoke integrations where needed
  • Enabling cloud to cloud integrations where permissible
  • Helping assess current and future state architecture needs based on Workday client experience
  • Supporting the monitoring and maintenance of new integrations
  • Enabling mobile applications with Workday
  • Workday integration unit testing processes
Workday Consultancy
Workday Consultancy

Managing Workday Releases

SaaS architecture allows Workday to make updates to your client tenant remotely, primarily to release new features, and all Workday clients move together. Tenant management and new feature analysis therefore becomes a necessary new discipline for all Workday clients.
LogicaCloud’s experienced consultants can help you manage these new demands, understand the system dependencies, and bring other clients' experiences to your benefit.

  • Review of new features and impact assessment of new Workday releases
  • Tenant management during Workday updates
  • Tenant migrations
  • Creation and maintenance of WD sandbox test environment