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Your trusted partner for Customized Solutions, Expert Support, and Seamless Integration of Workday HCM and Financial Management. Enhance your experience with effortless engagement. Step into a bespoke partnership aligned with your goals and aspirations, where you remain in control, and we are here to support you whenever you need us.

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LogicaCloud blends HCM expertise and global testing experience to offer tailored solutions aligned with your business vision. Our customer-centric approach guarantees cost-effective, precise services to bolster your tech goals.

At LogicaCloud, our Cloud Computing practice is committed to optimizing your journey to the cloud using cutting-edge tools. We meticulously assess the readiness of your applications for seamless integration.

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Enhance efficiency, cut costs, and optimize resource utilization with LogicaCloud’s Workday Test Automation, incorporating ilumn technology. Our automated solutions assess application functionality.

Align your HR processes seamlessly with corporate objectives through LogicaCloud Workday AMS. Streamline workforce management and elevate organizational efficiency with our cutting-edge solutions.
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Our consultants have collaborated with pivotal clientele, delivering exceptional service.

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Let us steer you through the complexities of prioritizing your Workday Test Automation challenges..

Count on us for reliable support, ensuring smooth operations at every step, our experienced consultants have your back.

Let us streamline your processes through test automation. 

Discover the simplicity and affordability of our “pay as we deliver” support model 

We have got the expertise you need.

Add new features and grow your team, we can make it happen seamlessly.


Our “pay as we deliver” support works exactly as it sounds, no upfront fees; pay for deliverables and support as needed.


We partner with our clients’ leadership to define a focused process scope, aligning with internal targets and our expertise. 


Let our Workday Test Automation engineers handle all testing activities, ensuring efficiency during and post-implementation.

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Workday test automation tool with 3000+ built-in scripts, featuring real-time execution visualization in an interactive dashboard.

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