Enhance your Workday Testing with LogicaCloud's Automation Service

Welcome to LogicaCloud’s Workday Test Automation service, where efficiency meets precision. Unleash the power of our Testing as a Service (TaaS), fueled by the cutting-edge ilumn tool, offering a suite of automated test scripts designed to elevate your testing journey.

Elevate Your Testing Experience
Break free from the constraints of legacy vendors and step into a new era of enterprise automation testing with ilumn. Engineered to thrive in a dynamically changing world, ilumn accelerates your test automation, empowering your journey towards innovation and efficiency.
ilumn: Tailored Automation Solution
Elevate Workday efficiency with ilumn, a customized test automation solution. Streamline processes, cut costs, and minimize risks. Direct resources strategically for crucial business enhancements and issue resolution. 

ilumn delivers a simpler and more intuitive way for clients to create test scenarios which saves time and reduces manual effort.

Ilumn's Simplicity for Time and Effort Savings

lumn brings forth a user-friendly and intuitive approach, empowering clients to effortlessly craft test scenarios. This not only saves valuable time but also significantly reduces the need for manual efforts in the testing process.

Test Script Execution Excellence

Go Beyond script creation, deploy trained testing teams. Our TaaS automation tool streamlines script execution, easing resource strain. Optimize testing with flexible processes and synthetic data generation for efficiency at every step.

Ease of Use with Pre-Built Scenarios

Seamless testing unfolds with our TaaS automation tool’s pre-built scenarios, ready at a push. Stay current with Workday changes through consistent alignment. Enjoy built-in security validations for reliable testing efficiency. Elevate your testing efficiency effortlessly.

Customer Service Beyond Boundaries

Seamless testing with pre-built scenarios, ready at a push. Stay current with Workday changes through consistent alignment. Benefit from built-in security validations, ensuring reliable testing efficiency. Elevate effortlessly.


Experience efficiency with LogicaCloud’s Workday Test Automation services. Unleash the power of TaaS, fueled by the cutting-edge ilumn tool, a suite of automated test scripts for precision and speed.

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