Pay As We Deliver

Pay As We Deliver

Our support, only when you need it

Our pay as we deliver support works exactly as it sounds. You only pay for what we deliver as and when you need us.

Explain the problem to us, let us analyze it alongside your people and we will provide back a costing that you can rely on.  We will share the risk of complexity with you.

We designed our pay as we deliver model to be simple and affordable. We are so confident that you will like our service that we will let you ‘try before you buy’ with a FREE half-day of our consulting.

Pay As We Deliver

Why Use Pay As We Deliver?

Pay As We Deliver
Pay As We Deliver

No long term commitment

No exorbitant day-rates of unknown duration

Fully costed deliverables agreed with you in advance

Shared risk in dealing with complexities in implementation

You retain control of quality, prioritisation and timing.  Our services paid for only when you need us.

We can provide expert guidance or full hands-on implementation and help develop your internal skill-set.

It’s a cost-controllable way to achieve your business outcomes.

How It Works

We work with you to accurately define the problem statement

We then work to identify the best solution and only move forward when we have agreement with you that it is the right way forward

We work on that brief and provide a fully costed price to deliver

On your OK, we move forward to deliver on that piece of work, whether it’s expert advisory to your team, or full delivery from LogicaCloud’s own platform

Where required, we will also assist in migration to sandbox, perform business validations and also help with production deployment and post-live enhancements

You decide the optimal way of working, whether to utilise your in-house resources to build the solution, or to work in partnership using LogicaCloud’s platform where needed.

We share your complexity risk every step of the way but with no surprises on the cost we agreed upfront

Pay As We Deliver

Our Packages

A Trial Consultation

Do you have a good example of a challenge you are facing where some additional expert advice might help?

Contact us for an initial no cost consultation

As You Need Us

To address Business process optimisation challenges; EIB complexity issues; Security intersection problems;  performance of custom reports; data reconciliation and migration backlogs or ongoing challenges in testing

For As Long As You Need Us

Maternity Cover; WD Release Testing;  New WD module Implementations;  knowledge sharing and skills development; continuous migration of custom reports; monitoring of integrations