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LogicaCloud delivers a client-centric approach to all its services. We provide hassle-free engagement and, uniquely, offer you ‘pay as we deliver

We focus on your business objectives, your team’s goals and utilise our platform to deliver them.

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We know what success feels like

Our experienced team has a powerful mix of operational Human Capital Management systems expertise, Testing and Multimedia experience, spanning countries and industries. With our unique pay as we deliver customer-centric service model, we provide tailored solutions driven by your business vision and technology goals

Workday Consultancy

Our Cloud Computing practice leverages specialized tools to evaluate application readiness for the cloud.

Test Automation

Reduce time, cost and resource, to increase reliability by implementing automated solutions to assess app functionality.

Why Choose Our Services

At LogicaCloud we care about your needs

Seeing a need for a bespoke service aimed not just at cloud advisory, LogicaCloud’s pay as we deliver model helps clients in the end-to-end HR IT journey. This model is designed to give you fast, trustworthy, powerful and affordable services. Whether it’s just a custom report in Workday, or urgent business process re-engineering, or needing to automate test scripts, or revise and test your security build, offer training, user experience dashboards or analytics on user experience, LogicaCloud delivers all these as a one-stop solution.

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What Makes us Different

We are highly determined team of consultants who want to make a difference, we are also tenacious in meeting new challenges. We value people over profits, quality over quantity, and keeping it real. As such, we deliver an unmatched working relationship with our clients.

Our Skills

We have highly skilled Project and Program Managers as well as Senior Change Managers. We have consultants specialized in all cloud advisory areas. Our Test Automation engineers are capable of automating any web or desktop applications.

Personalised service

Our corporate structure is intentionally flat and our turnover is low. Our goal is that you’ll work with the same people throughout your relationship with us. You’ll receive regular updates from your consultants about your project. We don’t believe in surprises.

Flexi cover

From full-time support to evening and weekend cover.  Whether it’s Workday configuration challenges, test automation needs, We can flex the levels of support cover required to suit your needs over time.

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