Digital marketing during a recession:

In the wake of COVID-19 we saw Google Marketing share five principles that have guided its own digital strategy:

PRINCIPLE 1: Local context is the key.

Companies need to understand the impact a global pandemic has on their stakeholders at the local level. In other words, the key to helping the Company be more empathetic to the needs of their employees, along with other internal and external stakeholders in the company, is local context. Organizations need to trust that their subsidiaries in local countries will be able to make the best decisions based on their local market needs.

PRINCIPLE 2: Reassessment is a constant.

Quick changes in market dynamics are unavoidable in a global health crisis. Thus, constant re-evaluation of campaigns is necessary to keep up with that change, to provide creative collateral and re-think marketing guidelines.

PRINCIPLE 3: Reflect on creative considerations.

In line with reassessing of marketing campaigns, at this point, all the brand’s creative campaign elements also need to be under constant scrutiny. Organizations need to assess their messaging carefully – from the tone, visual imagery, copy, keywords, and media placements.

 PRINCIPLE 4: In the midst of uncertainty be ready to change priorities.

The management team has a responsibility in times of uncertainty to lead and navigate the organization. To evaluate their media budget and shift priorities during this time to the things that their consumers need.

PRINCIPLE 5: Contribute and assist on any occasion.

Now, more than ever, it’s essential that organizations come together and help each other. As part of their Digital Marketing during COVID-19, organizations need to think about creative and innovative ways of assisting their consumers, partners, and other stakeholders. Look at the digital assets of the brand and think about possible opportunities how the brand can support advocacy, donate, or even amplify the dissemination of useful information.

Search data from Google reveals insights into a number of best practices brands are doing to help during the COVID-19 pandemic:

·      TIP 1: Adjust promotion efforts and re-evaluate booked substance timetables

·      TIP 2: Carefully assess the brand’s symbolism and language

·      TIP 3: Don’t gain by the emergency

· TIP 4: Be sure, don’t be oblivious

·      TIP 5: Highlight how your image can help with messaging