What is ‘Pay as We Deliver’?

LogicaCloud have built their business around this proposition.

We specialise in problem-solving across the Workday landscape, including Studio, Prism and Birt application modules.

We are experts in automated testing, so when those regular Workday updates and semi-annual releases come around, LogicaCloud can help ensure you are ready and that business continuity is never compromised.

Our proposition:

  • No long-term financial lock-ups or retainers, as our services are only provided when required.
  • Costing is quoted only after proper analysis of the problem in coordination with your HR IT  team.
  • We share the risk on time to deliver and quoted costs, in case of any unforeseen complications

 And LogicaCloud offers ‘free trial services’ so that you can test our proposition before committing.

LogicaCloud’s ‘Pay as we Deliver’ proposition is based on collaboratively working with your team to identify the problem statement, accurately and precisely. An appropriate solution is derived, costed and time-lined, then presented to you.  A complete costing is delivered based on Logicacloud’s assessment of the time and effort required, utilising lower-cost near and offshore resources, with no hidden or additional costs. In fact, LogicaCloud are sharing the risk with you on delivering the solution within the agreed time-frame and costing.

A cost-free half-day consultation is offered to discuss and analyse your problem statement – what’s to lose?

Why it makes sense

Post-implementation brings its own challenges, with regular Workday updates and semi-annual new releases.  Meantime, your existing platform needs continual optimisation to enable further automation and improve performance.

You may still be faced with specific performance issues in Reporting, Business Processes or Security.  Data issues may still be apparent and your challenges are unlikely to be wholly limited to the Workday application.  Potentially you have Studio and/or Prism modules that, whilst part of the Workday eco-system, are separate modules that have to be managed.  Almost certainly you will have 3rd party integrations reliant on the performance of your core platform.

When problems arise it can be a struggle to find the root-cause – data, security, integrations and configuration – and the skills-sets can be very specific.  So where do you turn if those skills are not available in-house?

Clearly you could make a permanent or contract hire, but the problem is invariably right here and now, whilst the lead-time to hire can be long.  Then there are the skill-sets you might need to fully analyse and address your problem-statement.  Will you find these in one person?  Workday is designed as a set of modules that co-exist – Recruiting; Talent; Compensation; Benefits; Absence etc.  Each of which requires specialist knowledge.  But do the specialists in these areas also understand Reporting and Security?  Will they be able to bend their time and expertise to address issues with integrations in Studio?  This is where the implementation consultancies hold the advantage, as they need to have these specialists on-board.

Implementation partners, such as the one you used to deploy Workday, will have a deep well of staff, some of whom might be available.  But there is a cost issue to consider.  If you have had previous experience with the big professional consultancy partners then you will be aware that the hourly rates are high, very high, and unless they are already contracted to you there is no guarantee of a rapid response on resource assignment.  Plus, how many of their specialists will you need to address a problem if their skill-sets are highly specific?

LogicaCloud are a smaller and nimbler version.  We offer delivery at point of demand services focused on cloud applications, including Workday.  We specialise in post-implementation support:

  • Problem-solving performance issues within and across inter-related applications
  • Optimisation of your business-processes and integrations landscape
  • Automating test routines
  • Improving the user-experience

The key to our services is focusing on identifying the root cause of performance problems.  The time required to deliver, as well as the cost of the remediation plan, will be agreed with you in advance.  This will be based on hourly rates that are likely to be considerably lower than the big implementation partners.

We are there when you want us, for as long as you need us, so there is no minimum contract commitment. 

We are just a call away – Contact Us