Businesses’ needs for HR management are constantly changing. When looking for cutting-edge HR management solutions, firms are increasingly turning to Workday Human Capital Management (HCM). Workday HCM provides a number of services that aid organisations in streamlining their HR procedures and enhancing overall operations. Workday HCM’s release management and upgrading procedure is a crucial component. We’ll delve deeper into Workday release management and updates in this blog article.

What Is Workday Release Management?

The process of controlling and putting upgrades and updates into the Workday HCM system is referred to as “Workday Release Management.” Twice a year, in March and September, Workday provides new system updates and enhancements. These updates come with improved features, bug fixes, and new functionality.

The release management procedure used by Workday is intended to be frictionless and user-friendly. On its Release Readiness website, Workday offers information for users to use as they get ready for upcoming releases. Release notes, videos, and training resources are all available on this page. Customers can test the future update before it is implemented in their production environment using Workday’s update Preview environment.

What Is Workday Upgrade?

The process of switching from one version of Workday to another is known as an upgrade. New software versions from Workday are released twice a year, between March and September. To guarantee that organisations are using the most recent software version and have access to the newest features and functionality, these upgrades are required.

The Workday Upgrade Centre, which gives users details on the upgrade procedure and a calendar of impending updates, is responsible for managing Workday upgrades. Additionally, the Workday Upgrade Centre offers resources like testing instruments and documentation to assist clients in getting ready for updates.

Workday Upgrade Schedule

New software versions from Workday are released twice a year, between March and September. Workday Releases are the name given to these releases. Each new release comes with improved functionality, bug fixes, and new features.

Customers will have enough time to get ready for future release according to the Workday release schedule. Customers can access a release schedule from Workday that includes important dates like the beginning of the preview period, the beginning of the production deployment period, and the conclusion of the production deployment period.

Workday Release Update

September 2023 is when the next Workday release is expected. Twice a year, between March and September, Workday publishes updated versions of its software. Each update contains improved functionality and new features in addition to bug fixes.

A number of new features and improvements are anticipated for the upcoming Workday release, which is scheduled for September 2023. Customers can anticipate new functionality and enhancements to current features, however Workday has not yet provided specifics on the next update.

In conclusion, Workday HCM provides a number of tools that assist companies in streamlining their HR procedures and enhancing overall operations. The Workday HCM system’s Workday Release Management and Upgrades are crucial components that make sure users have access to the newest features and functionalities. Every March and September, Workday releases new versions of their software; September 2023 is the next release date. Through the Upgrade Centre and Workday Release Readiness website, customers may get ready for upcoming releases. Businesses can stay current with the newest HR management technologies and maintain competitiveness in today’s fast-paced business environment with Workday HCM.