Automation testing

You’ve done the hard work, now it’s time to get going with your new Automation tool.

LogicaCloud’s Testing as a Service (TaaS), ilumn tool is a library of automated test scripts that delivers the ability to test your business processes with convenience, at speed, through our library of pre-built test scenarios

workday test automation

Leave the limitations of legacy vendors behind and move forward faster with a new class of enterprise automation testing. ilumn is designed to fuel your acceleration test Automation in a changing world



ilumn is an integrated automation solution solely developed for Workday clients that reduces the risk, time and cost. We provide end-to-end testing solution for all your Workday needs. Increase bussiness productivity and bandwidth for operational Improvements and handling tickets, training and fixes by speeding less time on manual testing.

Make Faster, Strategic Decisions With Confidence

Test Script Execution

In addition to the production of test scripts, we are able to offer fully trained testing teams to execute the test scripts to minimize business resource constraints. Configure initial test scenarios once. TaaS automation tool provides customers the flexibility to run test scenarios as many times as desied thus generating synthetic data as part of data staging

Project Support

Whether you’re configuring Workday to reach your goals or something isn’t working right, your success is our top priority. We help Align all projects with corporate goals and initiatives. The need for solving the issues within a stipulated deadline does matter to us. We provide better alignment, execution, and results than standalone project systems, enabling your organization to maximize productivity, motivate workers, and enable business leaders to drive results The combination of our technical expertise and knowledge of HR best practices & financials creates faster deployments, better ROI, and ongoing process improvement.

Ease Of Use

Pre-built test scenarios that can be executed with a push of a button. TaaS automation tool is always in sync with Workday release changes as well as weekly maintenance patch/updates. Built-in security validations

Customer Service

Dedicated Customer Support Team for each project and 24×7 support available in all time zones

ilumn delivers a simpler and more intuitive way for clients to create test scenarios which saves time and reduces manual effort.